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Historical House Italy
Beatrice Brialdi
Born in Pitigliano, the heart of the oldest part of the Maremma. After classical studies and a law degree, Beatrice created Castelli e Dimore Storiche with her father Camillo, Officer, Nobleman from Emilia Romagna, eclectic artist, writer and historian.
Born of a father with this credential and a Sicilian Princess, Manuela Barone, related to the Viceroy of Sicily, means to have blood love and sensitivity to everything that can be described as historical and artistic.

After managing the Abbey of Settimo, an ancient Cistercian Abbey in Tuscany, which belongs to the family and transforming it into a conference center, in 1996 she opened her consulting firm in Florence. Following this, she collaborated with important names from the world of fashion, entrepreneurship, event and conference organizing. As an experienced consultant, she could put businesses in touch with the owners of castles, villas, palaces, ancient private abbeys.

She's a consultant for the organization of meetings for Chanel Italy and for many events in the fashion world. She is also in charge of presentations to journalists for various car manufacturers and working with companies such as Fila, Heineken, Henkel and important agencies in the world of communications and congresses .

Armed with this extensive experience, in the 90s she founded and registered with the European Community the brand "Castelli e Dimore Storiche", from which she has now decided to select a portfolio of Vintage Houses, significant for their history and style of hospitality, which makes them special.
These venues have been selected for their charm, the warmth with which they receive their visitors and an environment where leisure and corporate needs harmonize perfectly.

Creating a collection of castles and historic houses and offering them through beautiful images, interesting stories and exclusive programs, is at the same time, the mission of this dedicated site and the new challenge for Beatrice in a journey of passion and success.
Historical House Italy
Lorenza Vitali
Crazy traveler, curious and passionate about communication, with deep knowledge and expertise on global and multidisciplinary landscapes.

After studying Literature and languages in Italy, London and Barcelona, ​​becomes performer in the world of cosmetics and fashion during international meetings of the most important stylists and hairdressers collaborating with main companies like L'Oréal, Wella, Sebastian Los Angeles, Aveda.

Stylist and fashion journalist in the nineties in Milan and Miami after the "Master of Fashion Journalism" at Superstudio Group Milano. She collaborated with several magazines, especially the ones managed by the sisters Gisella and Giulia Borioli. She also lived in the United States between New York and Florida as Pr for the group Rossano Ferretti System and also as corresponding issuer of Radio Montecarlo.

Lorenza then she returned to Italy to discover with enthusiasm the exciting world of food and wine thanks to an occasional encounter with Carlo Petrini in 1993 and Count Pucci Rossi di Medelana who ownes the tuscan winery “Castello del Terriccio”, becoming her Pr.

She kept on collaborating with various companies in the food and wine market while opening her own public relations company in Milan.
But the love for the beauty of Tuscany enraptured her again, so she decided to move there to communicate and promote different historic mansions, castles, estates, starting from the Maremma properties of Count Gaddo della Gherardesca and Sarah Fergusson, the Duchess of York.

In 2003 she met the journalist Luigi Cremona, and after a short period of time they created Witaly, their own company, an activity that combines, in addition to private life, their whole energy and knowledge: journalism and events, publishing and travel, the passions of both into a unique project.
She then created the web site and publication "Mete d'epoca", which was created as an introduction to authentic life in villas, castles, palaces, inns and historic gardens, residences of fine design exist to make us dream…

Following this she entered into partnership with "Castelli e Dimore Storiche", interviewing the various characters who still these venues bring to life, collecting stories and anecdotes from their private world.

With the significant contribution of Lorenza Vitali and through the voice of the owners interviewed and who still inhabit these "Mete d'epoca", we want to convers the unknown events, loves and hates and mysteries, which are concealed within their walls.

Historical House Italy


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