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Borgo Pignano Italy Informations Borgo Pignano Italy

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Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano
  • Borgo Pignano   Italy
  • Borgo Pignano   Italy
  • Borgo Pignano   Italy
Borgo Pignano   Italy Borgo Pignano   Italy
Borgo Pignano   Italy Borgo Pignano   Italy Borgo Pignano   Italy
Borgo Pignano   Italy Category: Villages
Borgo Pignano   Italy Distances:
From motorway 20,5 km from SS68 Poggibonsi exit
From airport 75 km from the airport of Pisa and 70 km from the airport of Florence
From railway station 25,6 km from Poggibonsi-S.Gimignano's Station and 41 km from Siena's Station
From city center 14,1 km from Volterra
From public means 3 km
Borgo Pignano   Italy Access for G.T. 50 spots buses yes
Borgo Pignano   Italy Sports equipment

Mountain bike, handling, gym and outer swimming pool

Borgo Pignano   Italy Room in Villa: 14 Rooms
Rooms in the Farmhouses: 10 Rooms
The Rooms in the Apartments: 7 Rooms
Borgo Pignano   Italy WIFI free wifi
Borgo Pignano   Italy Restaurant The Restaurant is open all day, beginning from the morning when it's served a typical tuscany breakfast. Each day for lunch it is offered a light buffet, meanwhile for dinner it's served a tasting menu.

First informations about Borgo Pignano go back to his name which hail from Pisinius, the latin evolution of Pisenanu, the Etruscan toponym, or from the legionary Plinius (then Plinianus), the beneficiary of the propriety  in 80 a.C., after the division of Volterra caused by Silla. In the Middle Age, the village was one of the most important in the territory of Monte Voltraio district: from an act of 1139, it results that this place, in the XII century was part of Conte Ranieri di Uguccione dei Pannocchieschi, then sold to Odalmario Adimari, Volterra’s bishop. During the war of 1218, between Volterra District and Pagano dei Pannocchiesci bishop, the hamlet was conquered by volterrans who destroyed it. In the end of Two hundred, Pignano hamlet began a fortify villa, an ancient castle of big significance and religious, as for seat of Pieve.

In the middle of 1300, population was destroyed by the plague. It’s in the 1427 that the hamlet became a villa, surrounded by copious small farms. The marquess Incontri di Volterra, in the end of Seven hundred, kept this destination as a noble villa and realized, in the 1800, the garden in place of  the factory area, which was moved outer from the surrounding wall, together with colony’s small farms. It was occupied until 700 people, but the big wars brought the emptying of the complex which was divided between marquess’s heirs. From 2002, the propriety, bought by an english philanthropist, was gathered and submitted to a complete restoration.

Borgo Pignano   Italy
The Description The Borgo is composed by a central body, consisted in a nineteenth-century Villa added up to the ruins of the most ancient Castle, enriched with towers, doors, walls and Pieve of XII century. Inside the Villa are created 14 rooms, two restaurants, a meeting room and relax areas as a library and a pool hall, in addition to the outer swimming pool with a panoramic view. The lift connects the three floors and a lot of rooms have been projected for disables. Near the hamlet and walking distance there are 3 rural homes with a total of 10 rooms and 4 appartments with a total of 7 rooms. At the moment, the Borgo is composed by 31 rooms and, for the next year, there are in project other areas which will born from the reclamation of the ancient Canonica, now restructuring. Wifi is free and available everywhere.
The Description The Villa has been restored using biocompatible techniques and materials on project of the Architects Bolko Von Schweinichen and Simone Bartolini. Many rooms are decorated with old frescos and, a collection of italian landscape lithographies, realized by english painters, adorns building’s wall. Euan Uglow, a painter very famous in Great Britain, stayed here between the Fifty and the Sixty years.
Description The 14 rooms and suites of the Villa conserve, in most part, old and original frescos and the bathrooms are made with marble and travertine. The rooms are divided in 5 categories: CHARME ROOMS, ROOMS WITH VIEW, CHARME SUITES, BRAND SUITES and SUITES WITH VIEW, about which have a living room with a piano and a view in all surrounding until the sea.
Description La Fonte (23 people max) Surrounded by vegetable garden and aromatic plants, panoramic covered terrace with lake view, external dependance and external wood oven, offers a spacious dining room with a large furnished kitchen. La Fonte Farmhouse have furnished areas to host various activities, from meetings to yoga course, painting, counseling, music, sculpture and cooking laboratory. La Fonte has 7 matrimonial rooms or twin, everyone with his bathroom en suite, farther 9 beds which have to disposition 2 guest bathrooms with shower in the ground floor and 3 shower baths at the first floor to share. Casa del Lago (4 people) offers 2 bedrooms first floor, bathroom in common with shower accessibles from the rooms. Caille (3 people) offers 1 bedroom queen size with bathroom en-suite and one bedroom with sofa bed and the bath 5 step from the room.
Description Il Pozzo (4 people): it offers two bedrooms about which one double and bath and another with Queen size bed and private bath with shower. Il Fienile (4 people): is made up of two bedrooms about which one doble and a small bath with tub/shower near the room. The second bedroom is placed in mezzanine floor of the first floor and it appears in the living room underlying. Il Fienile offers a Tatami Queen size and a bath inside the room with shower separated. Borgo Piccolo (4 people): it offers two bedroom, the first one with matrimonial bed and the second one with two single beds (to unite if necessary) and two bathrooms en-suite, one with tub, the other with shower. Legnaia (1, 2 people max): it offers one french bed with bathroom en-suite.
The Description The Borgo’s chefs prepare three healthy, authentic Tuscan meals every day, using the freshest local and organic ingredients, which vary by season. Bread, croissants, pizza, and biscotti are baked in our wood-burning oven. Vegetables, oil, grains, honey, and fruit come directly from the property, or from neighboring organic and biodynamic farms. We pay particular attention to the special dietary needs of our guests for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or anti-allergenic menus.
The Philosophy The Borgo is self-sufficient and can provide its guests with all that the land offers. The presence of 100 hectares of forest has allowed to have the wood not only to sell, and also to feed the biomass boiler located within the village. The boiler together with solar panels allows you to cope with the energy needs of the entire village. And 'provided a photovoltaic system and was created a wetland system for recycling rainwater Energy autonomy is accompanied by the diversification of crops and products that the company provides to its guests.
The Halls The Borgo has two locations which can be used for events: a room for 80 people in the main Villa and another room in the Casale for 60 people. The meeting centre is ideal to organize courses of yoga and counseling.
The Description We help plan every detail of a wedding weekend and take pleasure in designing memorable, personal experiences that include a wedding banquet, flowers, music, photography, entertainment and refreshments. There is plenty of space for large seated outdoor banquets and dancing by moonlight. For weddings we require rental of the entire villa.
The Description Here are organized cooking class. There is much to do at the Borgo . Some visitors find themselves seduced by the serenity of the estate and don’t wander far. They swim in an infinity pool carved from the limestone of an old quarry, sunbathe, read in the library or music room, practise yoga and meditate, play bocce, stroll among the orchards, gardens and woodland paths and sometimes help in the kitchen garden.

Borgo Pignano Italy


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